Elisa (Lisi) Wright

Prezzie, Resident Violinist

Elisa is my real name. No one ever called me that though, my Bro called me Skimp and everyone else called me Lisi (Lee-C). This made my mother very sad because she so loves the name that she gave me. When I started the agency and thought I could use a more professional sounding name. Hence, Elisa. That IS my name. But, call me either. I'll call myself either as well. 

I started playing the violin when I was 5 - a cute little 1/4-size violin. I fell in love with The Beatles when I was 7 and the Doobie Brothers and Billy Joel not long after that. I got into the MN All-State Orchestra my junior year of HS and was asked to join the neighboring town's High School Orchestra (little BP didn't have an orchestra), so I did! Went on to play in the the Macalester College Orchestra and then I met Dan-the-Man Neale (guitarist in The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra). It's kind of history from there. I played with the Tim Sigler Band, Mark Stary & The Whiskey Roses, Johnny Holm Band and Martin Zellar & The Hardways. I've stuck with a bunch of other bands, many of which are on the roster because WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY NOT BE ON MY ROSTER?!?

I now perform with:

I get to play music with some awesomely talented musicians and bring my dogs to work, what's better??