Greg Herriges plays eclectic original and traditional world music focused on the fusion of Eastern and Western styles.

...a gifted musician who is able to bring the best sounds from several cultures into one type of intriguing music.
— Folkworld (Germany)
Guitar renegade...Herriges always comes off as native maestro, never slumming dilettante. His technique on both guitar and bouzouki is formidable, his feel for diverse cultures exemplary.
— Minneapolis Star Tribune


Greg Herriges plays an eclectic mix of original and traditional world (“whirled”) music on guitar, voice, and bouzouki (Greek lute), with a dazzling approach honed by his studies of Asian and other international styles. A virtuoso performer and award-winning composer, his music and writing have found international acclaim. Greg was selected to receive the 2009-10 Bush Artist Fellowship for Music Composition, which speaks volumes for his artistry and dedication to his music.

With a background in progressive rock and fingerstyle guitar, Greg studied ethnomusicology (traditional World music), working with masters of Indian classical music, Chinese pipa, and Indonesian gamelan. Mixing those influences with his own acoustic sensibilities, he puts new spins on everything from Turkish folk and Bollywood film music to Japanese koto tunes and surf-rock. His full group includes tabla and world percussion — but he is equally at home “letting one guitar play him.”

Greg Herriges & Telluric Currents present “Eastern Accents”

Greg Herriges & Telluric Currents also present the show, “Eastern Accents.” In this performance, Greg features the crystalline voice of classical Indian singer, Pooja Goswami, as well as the tabla mastery of A. Pavan. With other guests available including traditional dancers, “Eastern Accents” explores the traditions of East and West and whirls them together to create a mesmerizing cultural music experience!

Also an author/arranger of music instructional books, Greg's recent books/CDs, World Guitar and Guitar Explorer (publ. Hal Leonard), explore the stringed traditions of the world with novel approaches on the guitar. His authoring credits also include the entire Guitar Songs for Dummies series and contributions to Guitar Edge magazine.

Greg has worked with many cultural and theatre groups including Indian Music Society of Minnesota (IMSOM), Ragamala Dance Theater, and Dreamland Arts (for whom he composed and performs music for the ongoing play Children's Stories from India). He arranged, composed, and performed traditional and original soundtrack music for Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard (Hamline University, 2007), and composed anddi rected music for In the Heart of the Beast Theatre's plays Beneath the Surface and Are You Thirsty?.

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