The music business is all about the fans - that’s one thing that hasn’t changed! Ultimately, I’m a music fan and I’ve chosen to make a living in an industry that produced artists that inspired me since I was 5- Vivaldi, The Beatles, Willie Nelson, Metallica (of course, the list goes on)!  I book music that I love…music that renders me speechless so that, at first (given my job title, I better figure out a pitch eventually), all I can tell you is, “Man, you’ve just gotta listen to this! They’re awesome!!” I love the artists that I book and the music they make – it’s a fantastic and inspired roster! The current state of the music business has allowed for a flux of music and there is so much great music out there! The artists on the New Folk Booking roster are definitely producing a percent of that great music.

My mission is very similar to a presenter’s: It is my job to connect these fantastic artists with the fans that love them and their music – whether the fans know it yet or not! The venues are the vehicle through which that objective is met. I love what I do and look forward to connecting with many more great artists and presenting partners!