Edgy Celtic/eclectic folk and original music



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great grunge guitar over Morris tunes and old reels... witty originals, too. Great stuff, more please.
— FolkRoots
a fearless creator... clearly for those with adventurous tastes.
— SingOut!


Todd Menton is the lead singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for the legendary folk-rock band Boiled in Lead (BiL). A native Minnesotan, Todd joined BiL in 1985, and toured with the band for eight years, playing at major festivals and concert venues in Europe, the U.K., Canada and the U. S. He contributed songs and tunes to three award-winning albums, including From the Ladle to the Grave and Orb. 

Todd and Boiled in Lead parted ways in 1992, and he hit the road playing solo shows in pubs, clubs, and festivals throughout the Midwest. During this time he released two acclaimed solo discs on New Folk Records, Punts and Where Will You Land. A third CD is coming in October'08. 

At the band's invitation, Todd rejoined Boiled in Lead in 2005. They released their new CD, Silver, in March '08. Todd continues to forge new ground with the band while pushing boundaries and making joyous, raucously eclectic folk-noise in his ongoing solo work. 

Todd's calling card is his wry, edgy performing style, focusing on warm, vibrant vocals and sharp playing on guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, bodhran, and tin whistle. Audiences can expect all the drama and hilarity of the traditional songs and tunes, and the darkly humorous word-play of his original songs, delivered with wit and crackling energy. 

Todd teaches bodhran for the Center For Irish Music in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is available for bodhran workshops. He is experienced in teaching students of all ages and skill levels. He specializes in singing with the drum as well as traditional dance tune accompaniment.